What the Heck is HVAC/R,

The acronym stands for:
Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning
and Refrigeration.

HVAC/R is virtually
everywhere around you.

Your house staying WARM in the winter. . .

and COOL in the summer. . .

the ice cream that's so COLD. . .

and the vegetables that remain FRESH in the market. . .

. . . are all a result of HVAC/R.
The equipment that makes this happen needs to be installed, repaired, updated and monitored. This is a field that can't be outsourced, won't be replaced, and will continue to be at the leading edge of technology.

Commercial / Industrial / Refrigeration
and HVAC Technology
Bellingham Technical College


The Commercial / Industrial Refrigeration
and HVAC Technology program prepares students for employment as technicians
and many other occuptations in the refrigeration or HVAC field.

The program combines theory and practical hands-on training with real equipment to simulate the actual work environment and skills needed to excel in this challenging field. Class sizes allow close intereaction with your instructors in a friendly supportive atmosphere.

Daily lectures last from one and one half-hour to three hours; hands-on labs occupy the rest of the six-hour day. Labs afford the student the opportunity to install, repair and operate literally hundreds of pieces of actual field equipment.

The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree emphasizes the development of technical skills as well as diagnostic, problem solving and customer service skills.

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