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Dave Maricle
Commercial/Industrial Refrigeration & HVAC Technology Instructor

Dave entered Bellingham Technical College in the fall of 1974 at age 18 and took the Refrigeration portion of the program, which at that time was a combination of Appliances and Refrigeration. He received his BTC certificate in March 1975 and went to work for Marr's Heating & Air Conditioning as a service technician and heat pump installer. Eighteen months later he moved to a larger company, Barron Heating, and worked primarily on controls and commercial systems. Dave spent 8 years at Barron as a lead technician. In April of 1986 he left to help start Bel-Aire Heating and Air Conditioning, a new company that was created by former Barron employees. He later returned to Barron for two more years before moving to Blythe Plumbing and Heating. Blythe began to branch out into more heating work including refrigeration and sheet metal. The new HVAC division grew rapidly and about 20 employees were added. When Dave left Blythe to take the instructor position at Bellingham Technical College, he was vice president in charge of the HVAC division. He is now in his tenth year of teaching at Bellingham Technical College. He holds Washington State vocational instructor certification, is EPA certified under section 608 and is an L&I Electrical Journeyman under section 06A

Kenneth Olsen
Commercial/Industrial Refrigeration & HVAC Technology Instructor

Ken started his career in the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program serving aboard Ballistic Missile Submarines. He has worked in Facility Operations in hospitals and college campus’ specializing in HVAC systems, boilers, chillers and controls. He designed, installed and serviced controls systems for Siebe (Robertshaw) Controls and Siemens Controls. He is a long time member of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) and has been a Certificate Member of that organization. Ken is also a member of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and is the advisor to the Student Branch at BTC. Ken holds Washington State certification as an 06A Specialty Electrician and Administrator (HVAC/R) and 07 Specialty Electrician and Administrator (non-residential maintenance). Ken has worked in and around the HVAC/R industry for thirty years before joining the BTC faculty.

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